College students like to earn 200 thousand to 3 years

many college students want to use their spare time to do a small business, one can reduce the burden on the family, and to accumulate some experience for themselves. College students do poineering work? Mujin from Hong Wai village in Xiangan the students are referred to as "Book booth", through the use of spare time, set up a stall in the campus to sell books, a year turnover of up to one hundred thousand, two or three years to earn nearly 200 thousand yuan. Let’s take a look at his story.


earned 200 thousand

for two or three years

"flea market business is getting better and better, every school will have a large number of students during the group purchase." Every year his turnover up to more than ten million, two or three years, earned nearly 200 thousand yuan. "I never thought myself, like to earn so much!"

the employment situation in the downturn, students need to be fully prepared to meet the challenge, the future, the self-employed will be.

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