Extreme changes you can see what the small fat sheep

2012 party, the provisions of the central eight after the introduction of major food brands have been frustrated, facing the collapse of the brand in 201 years before too many to count, the first four years the fast development of little sheep Hot pot, little sheep in the Hot pot industry as textbooks, become a "China Hot pot first", "married into the giants as KFC, Pizza Hut cousins, and written into a variety of successful case. But in the past 4 years, backed by the catering giant Yum this tree, the little sheep is frequently reported closed shop, passenger traffic fell and other news. From the original to the present hidden lakes become fashionable for a time, little sheep, what is this?

recently teamed up with ant Chunhua capital gold suit to $460 million to buy 6% stake in China Yum expect to make the event however, just raise a Babel of criticism of, yum’s Chinese, in addition to known as KFC, Pizza Hut restaurant, there is Chinese Yum and had a large amount of money to buy "China Hot pot first" small sheep. But different from the former two to accelerate the expansion of stores, store the Hot pot early popular China a little sheep, in recent years, with the sharp reduction in the number of stores, seems to be quietly out of sight.

public information, February 2012, HK $China Yum nearly 4 billion 600 million in cash to complete the acquisition of little sheep, float up to 93.2%, the remaining 6.8% of the shares held by founder Zhang Gang and Chen Hongkai. After one year, yum overweight again, little sheep to acquire all the shares, cash in other words, Chinese Yum spent nearly 5 billion Hong Kong dollars at the little sheep privatization, and once the "Hot pot first" of the title with the little sheep from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange delisting and concealment.

brilliant past

review of little sheep’s rich history, its predecessor was founded in August 1999, the "little sheep restaurant", founder of Baotou steel worker Zhang, and complete the chain integration and shareholding system reform in July 2001, transformed into a Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd". In 2002, the chain turnover reached 2 billion 500 million yuan, became a leader in the Chinese local catering industry, two years after the turnover almost doubled, reaching 4 billion 330 million yuan.

public information, in the peak period of little sheep, the number of stores nationwide once reached 721. In June 2006, the introduction of foreign venture capital and small sheep 3I Prax Capital, and landing in Hong Kong listed on the main board of June 12, 2008, raising nearly HK $460 million.

is a close to the little sheep said, 2004 to 2007 years, little sheep adjust the join policy as "mainly to direct, standard join", "close, close, by extension," four words to rectify the market. However, as of May 2007, the little sheep.

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