Eight criteria to determine how to join the headquarters of drinks

in the summary of previous experience, what things have a set of their own criteria, such as food and beverage brand is also the same. Summary of the following eight major standards for your reference.

first, intentions management, dedicated


judge mainly by the franchisee stores personally went to the survey, the only way to join headquarters to understand the real situation, secondly, who is responsible by the dwell with headquarters, and his attitude is sincere, the chain enterprises have set a new prospect of planning. These look very simple, in fact, it is very important for the franchisee.

two, with a high success rate of

drinks franchisee franchisee once decided to join, will invest almost all savings, and even more. Therefore, to ensure a certain rate of return on capital is a must. By the franchisee should not only rely on a number of headquarters to make money to determine the prospects of the store, because the store’s business is seasonal, and not every store to make money. Ensure a certain success rate is the basis for long-term profitability.

three, high visibility

high visibility of the enterprise, usually represent the higher market evaluation of the credit is more reliable. Join this company, can be saved by the early start of the entrepreneur. Because of the high visibility of the company’s reputation has been rooted in the minds of consumers, strong ability to attract customers.


name easy to remember

in the name of chain stores, should pay attention to warm, easy principle. Especially the best name can be catchy, so as to win the customer’s favor, and attract consumers.

five, the development of goods or services features

The ultimate purpose of

shop is to sell goods, therefore, the commodity itself has the "commodity power" is very important. If the goods sold by the enterprise is not easy to imitate other shops, it is difficult to provide, then this unique commodity is the characteristics of the enterprise, with this feature is sufficient to attract customers.

six, a good chain management system and skills

chain management system and skills, with the general observation is very difficult to come out, even in the operating manual will not join the record. For example, Maidesi guest drinks to join, even become the franchise, but in the operation manual, still do not know their unique business skills. Because of their business skills are secret and not available. But careful observation will be found.

seven, operation >

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