Car jewelry store investment guide

modern pursuit of personality, fashion, not only in their own clothes on the very particular about the decoration in the car is also particularly hard. Therefore, the opening of a car jewelry store is a broad market prospects, is a rare investment choice. The following is a car jewelry shop investment guide, follow the small series together to see it!

first, market analysis:

with the continuous popularization of automobiles, consumer demand for automotive textiles is also growing. At present, China’s domestic textile products will grow by an annual rate of 20%, it is estimated that China’s textile needs about 60 million square meters per year, the market can be imagined. As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle. General owners willing to buy a car will also spend money on the car to change the point of a personalized interior. Therefore, such accessories should be a market potential.

two, implementation:

1, location and decoration: a storefront, to display shops and a warehouse, as appropriate. Store set up the ingredients display area, style design area, personalized ornaments display area. The warehouse can be converted into a workshop and an assembly shop. Decoration, you can find a point of the car culture to learn from the decoration style, but must highlight personality.

2, goods into the purchase: the automotive interior of the textile based, into the purchase of a variety of colors of fabric, or with the supply of goods manufacturers signed a purchase and sale contract. In the design and color of the fabric must follow the trend of automobile consumption, to grasp the modern consumer psychology of the car, so that it will not press the goods.

3, employees: 1 sewing workers, professional installation workers of the 2, the designer of the 1 (operators are best able to do their own).

4, promotion and publicity: distributing leaflets in the automotive market, making posters posted to the automotive market. Can also be classified as a small newspaper ads.

car jewelry store how to operate? I believe that after reading the above, you have a good understanding of the problem. In fact, open the car jewelry store, as long as the site and decoration, commodity purchase, staff management and promotion, shop is not difficult.

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