Operators to know the terms of overlord does not work

in our daily consumption often see some signs such as products, once sold, the store is no longer responsible; once the transaction is completed, will not be responsible for such, these are some of the terms of overlord in the transaction process. The so-called "King terms" is not a legal concept, but only a very strong emotional expression of an emotional expression. In the theory of law, the corresponding concept is "standard contract", which is a contract for the repeated use of the terms and conditions without prior consultation. For example, the terms of overlord common are: goods out of the store, the shop will not be returned, the minimum consumption of XX yuan, the store prohibit BYO and so on.

"consumer protection law" provisions of article twenty-fourth: an operator shall not form contracts, notices, announcements, shop notices and other ways to make provisions to consumers unfair, unreasonable, or civil liability, reduce the damage from their legitimate rights and interests of consumers should bear. The format of the contract, notice, statement, shop notices contained in the preceding list of content, the content is invalid. Shopping malls, supermarkets in the shop notices on the grounds, refused to accept the return of the act, is actually from the operators for the sale of goods quality warranty, this notice is illegal and invalid.


area has a cigarette and liquor vendor Zhang boss said, before, in order to prevent the cigarette is transferred, their approach to imitate others, notices from the cabinet "tobacco in cigarettes on the counter, not refundable". Thought with this notice, customer returns will not happen again, who knows once a customer into the store to buy a Chinese tobacco, after three days to say "tobacco packaging problem", suspected counterfeit cigarettes, request a refund. I take "tobacco from the cabinet, will not be returned" on the grounds, will not be returned.

customers do not go, call the tobacco bureau complaints. Tobacco bureau sent people to investigate, said to me: smoke is a real cigarette, but the outer packaging damage, you first consultation, if the consultation is not good, you can let the consumer association. I pointed to the smoke on the ark of the notice said: "customers to buy cigarettes, see" tobacco from the cabinet, will not be returned ", why to return?" Monopoly inspection comrades said I notice there is no legal basis, are terms of overlord, reason is untenable, I also said that the recognition of customers into the store to buy cigarettes, customers have to purchase invoices, positive for customers to explain, to identify the reasons and eliminate customer doubts in the heart, to meet his demands, can not refuse.

this thing taught me a lesson: overlord terms do not work. Since then, I will "tobacco from the cabinet, not refundable" notices tore down, thrown into the trash. At the same time, in order to prevent the cigarette package, I give up tobacco packaging sealedhid, easy to identify; sales repeatedly remind customers of "inspection", to reduce unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes afterwards. In this way, the customer of my tobacco quality more and more assured, although not posted "tobacco from the cabinet, not refundable" notices, but rarely customer returns.


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