Home accessories store huge wealth space

now people’s economic income is getting higher and higher, the quality of life requirements are also getting higher and higher, home life as the main part of people’s lives, the more stringent requirements of nature. Home jewelry store, so that home life more taste, more features, naturally popular.

Ms. Yin

Market Research

room decorationDisplay Chinese Home Furnishing new trend forum held

Experts suggest that

discount can be implemented according to

progressive consumption

expert advice, business Home Furnishing shop to vision, try to do the Home Furnishing characteristics, trends have a certain understanding, and try to make Home Furnishing accessories consistent with the current Home Furnishing style; in the supply that also should try to pursue distinctive style, exquisite workmanship; experts also pointed out that due to Home Furnishing consumer goods consumer demand is more sensitive to the price, investors can consider the flexible price strategy can be carried out according to the amount of consumption or consumption and progressive discount, for example, to buy 5 pieces of goods Home Furnishing, enjoy a discount of 5%; 10, 10% discount, buy more, enjoy more discount. This can not only promote sales, but also to return the funds as soon as possible to reduce inventory.

1 case women street Home Furnishing accessories store monthly income of 20 thousand

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