A new perspective of female entrepreneurship intelligent robots to win the future

women entrepreneurship, are generally in some clothing and other items, but some people love by surprise, and instantly let people remember it like this, Tian Yue is an outstanding female entrepreneurs. She created an intelligent robot, in a large market set off a huge wave.

there are too many noteworthy "tags" on the body: the typical "Tsinghua help" background, very rare female entrepreneurs, because of the huge domestic market to see, and loved ones together, and choose to return the Liuyang talent. She is a unique female entrepreneur’s perspective, from the highest level, the largest hot degree of confusion, market cultivation field of household intelligent robot with a low degree of entry, opened his first "game of the brave" tour.

Intelligent hardware products

"for Tsinghua entrepreneur Tian Yue: intelligent hardware

to create a female perspective.

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