Small town portal website offline promotion practice three

Hello, every bady! I’m 4K, this time for the prologue, a period of time not to publish, because in this period of time to busy things of my small town website promotion line, some time ago wrote an article:

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small town portal website to promote the line operation (a)

small town portal website to promote the line operation (two)

today we would like to introduce a new line of operation under the promotion of the way – and the local cinema cooperation. Certainly, can enter the cinema people have taste, or that they all think of good taste, and these people tend to close contact with the network, it is a small town portal of potential fans. So in the cinema advertising can achieve excellent targeted strong publicity.

I do this:

first to find the local cinema Boss, because the boss can be finalized cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win principle, to all the advantages he strongly recommend their own portals, including views, popularity and influence in the county, all of these can be slightly modified to be introduced, as long as the other side was more interested in you you can then go on.

then you can express their website can be free to do network promotion and advertising for the cinema, this time must be detailed, can be prepared to help each other to promote the network program, I do, my boss said to the movies can help them to do a special page (or equivalent a cinema exclusive website, with your portal two level domain name), page design to be beautiful and practical. I designed the website for the local cinema named after 80 movie theme website.

also on the front page of the portal opens a link to your advertisement for them ", as long as you recommend a good, believe that cinema boss will be very satisfied, but he also wonder, the website to help do so much in the cinema, how much money? You want to say to him, NO. Don’t need the money, completely free. In return, I hope the cinema in the main propaganda they printed on your ads, such as movie tickets, posters and signs for important local printing such as: "Associated Media – Xishui Xishui network integrated information portal" (pictured), I was in the 100 block is fixed on the poster print the sign of my site.



as long as the cinema business is good, believe that your site will soon be in the local "petty bourgeoisie" mind set up good brand image, expand the site in popularity but also enhance their website taste.

above is a line I recently launched to promote the actual operation, I hope to give you

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