Sea orchid house Suning Jedi counterattack the boundaries of the store and electricity supplier is

at the beginning of 2016, a retrospect of the development of the past year retail, but filled with a thousand regrets. This year, the retail entity is to take the most difficult year, many stores closed shop, some barely, and some still closed and not closed between struggle. In the past, the golden age of the development of physical retail, as long as stop channels, there are certain retail and commodity capabilities, you can make money. With the improvement of social productivity, the extensive application of the Internet to make information more transparent, consumer spending habits and increased purchasing power, an important way to the business for profit (asymmetric information, opaque channels, the price is not lit, the distribution cost higher) at one end, the original emperor to the princes of the channel is king of the expansion pattern was completely subversive.

retail store is no longer a retail store, it has been squeezed

According to

, "the first half of 2015 Retail Listed Companies (101) revenue ranking" report shows that in 2015 42 the performance of retail enterprises of negative growth, the retail network is strong, the first three quarters of China online retail sales grew 36.2%.

"the retail store is no longer a retail store, it has been squeezed out." Shanghai’s professional study art of war and books on that "new" chain of retail enterprises to issue such a feeling, from the consumption patterns, the younger generation to go online, they no longer go to a physical store. In the consumer downturn and the impact of the electricity supplier of the environment, Chinese retail industry over the past year not only produce high growth performance, in the face of commodity sales declined sharply, profit decline in reality, its expansion rate slowed down.

however, the force of the wind Ling in the retail industry, there are a number of "unicorn" insight into the commercial pattern, holds the lifeblood of age, in the transformation and upgrading of the road to explore the blaze a new trail, to become the industry giant.

sea orchid house two landlord model

Suning is the "electric shock" earlier enterprises, as early as in its traditional retail business performance best of 2009 began the transformation, after the transformation of Suning, not only the delivery speed more and more quickly, more and more category, "Rainbow Run", "red Saturday" and other activities are also more and more younger. In my opinion, the efficient operation of the entire operating system, as well as the accuracy of personalized marketing to a large extent depends on its business operations, management and organizational structure adjustment. Despite the slowdown in the overall situation of the retail industry, Suning’s full channel sales growth is still more than 20%, online sales growth of 80%, which is not a bad performance.

in the traditional retail days are not very good out of date, there is a national men’s brand in the crazy shop – sea orchid house. The business model of the sea orchid house, rather than that it is selling clothes, it is better to say that it is the output of the supply chain stores and store management. It is understood that the sea orchid house downstream franchisee just to pay the initial fee, and all the store management by the headquarters. Each to open a new store, is sent by the headquarters management. This pattern is cleverly played

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