Baidu not included in the case to do promotion methods

to do a website is based on SEO, but it is the flow. No flow means death. It’s a bit heavy, but it’s a reality, especially in 2009.

my new sites set up fast 1 months, GOOGLE included 188 article, Baidu is still 0, this let me that worry ah, Baidu not included that few people go to visit my website, even if it did not matter flow.

so I decided to use the most I do not want to use the promotion method, mass. I am using the mass, not to say that the software group, the first batch of software is not safe, and cause other people’s dissatisfaction, it will be T.

I use different groups for different groups of content. For example, I am a group of space music exchange group, then I send the content is like this. (the latest music recommendation: nice space pirates closer audio-visual address


and the other group is funny entertainment group. My hair is like this.

is for different groups, different information. Today, I used the experimental attitude to do so, the effect is very obvious. Because it took 10 minutes for the group of 10. (of course, simple chat, driven by emotion), so just 20 minutes to give me a 40 increase in traffic, although not much but this method gave me inspiration, I believe that smart people know what to do next.

finally said, the site is based on the SEO, there are many ways to solve the SEO, I also try to change the current situation. But we don’t just rely on SEO to improve the flow, we can also do something else, because the idle is idle. A variety of ways to promote the site, which is what we have to do, because I have confidence in their own site, as long as a person to see, I believe he can bring other people to see.

estimated that you do not believe me or send the following picture.


is that there are still a lot of people constantly according to my group of information, access to my site.

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