Electricity supplier success rule planning and implementation of the most important

look at the major industries in the electricity supplier market today, many e-commerce platforms springing up, it seems every 32 days, you will find that there are some new platforms on the line. The next three to five years, will be the blowout of e-commerce, market competition will be more intense. But the electronic commerce website so much to do, success is scanty, actually say that success is too broad, just to see the number of industry I know some of the emerging electricity supplier website orders, many electronic business platform is 32 orders, killing not more than 20 orders, sometimes even a day the order did not, after all, are struggling to support, hope one day to be able to change the status quo. I believe this is the problem encountered by many independent platforms, of course, including many of the Taobao sellers. Although I can not know how other people’s platform or Taobao shop is how to operate, but through the exchange of electricity suppliers and part of the summary of the reasons for the slow development of many electricity providers are as follows:

a, no system planning

set out to build a platform in the early stages, from the page design and decoration, to the program function customization, you must have a system planning. For example: what is the color or style of the page design layout and columns should be how to set up procedures to achieve what functions, etc.. With the planning of the system, the artist and the program can quickly design and write the program in accordance with the requirements, will not lead to repeated changes, do rework. The contrary is that most of the current electricity supplier to take the strategy is not the first planning and execution, but the edge of the implementation of planning. Specific performance in the senior operating personnel is usually assigned the same industry company doing a good platform, let the technology group member yihuhuhuapiao, hopes to learn from the interface, the column and the platform successfully, let oneself on-line platform as soon as possible. That is, in fact, most of them have no innovation, called plagiarism may be more appropriate. Sell clothing, where customers can copy; sell appliances, just copy the Jingdong…… although it is a big copy already, especially in Chinese, be not at all surprising, ha ha! From I do not mind, in fact many insiders also advocated to learn from others successful, the problem is a reference, also to be innovative.

Oh, a bit far away, back to the theme. After the group technology personnel according to the high "copy platform architecture of others, found some of the columns are not suitable for their own business, because some enterprises function at the beginning of the establishment of a limited technical force, can not achieve etc.. This time, the company will be based on their own needs to be changed, which columns should be changed, which features to be changed, which layout to change, but still no systematic planning. The general situation is: either side of the red will look good? Or changed into green will be better; this font is not good for a try; it boils down to in the end, because there is no planning, do not know how to arrange the results, too much attention to details, resulting in time-consuming to let technical personnel behind Voices of discontent. There is an old saying a lot of motto: details determine success or failure! In fact, too much attention to detail, will be doomed to failure, do not overdo sth. !

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