B2B enterprises how to do a good job in WeChat 5 marketing

is well known, with the release of WeChat 5, on the surface, WeChat public platform has been severely weakened, as the best way to use the public platform to promote mass messaging has been put into a small room". WeChat large number of public numbers were sealed, Taobao cut off WeChat payment interface and other news is not in the ear. Just the rise of the micro marketing industry a groaning.after, WeChat marketing seems to die, but seems to have no intention of marketing Tencent WeChat air plant. In this case, how to do a good job in WeChat marketing?

camp after the first sale, do not hard wide

transposition think about it, if every day to receive advertising to sell products, of course, users will be very annoying, pull black is a second thing. So, do not use WeChat to do a wide range of hard, but to do with WeChat services, the first camp after sales…… Because it is very simple, WeChat marketing only a referee, not the audience, not me, nor is it a micro marketing company, nor is it legendary WeChat marketing predecessors, but Tencent. According to changes in the policy of Tencent, to adjust their marketing line can go smoothly on the WeChat platform.

this also explains why the title will be put in the subscription number xiaoheiwu. The audience’s experience is not what we worry about, Tencent help us to worry about, as long as we do well under the guidance of Tencent.

clear marketing route

before marketing enterprises must first clear the positioning of the enterprise, product positioning, customer positioning. For example, the search network positioning is a long-term commitment to search engines, publishing engine, instant business opportunities and other high-tech R & D high-tech enterprises. Search the web site is its development and operation of innovative business platform. Positioning is for the enterprise, is a struggle for the direction of the enterprise. Then we have to be clear is how to focus on your target customers. Search the target customers are small and medium enterprises, these need to do network promotion and business opportunities. And then implement the WeChat marketing, what we send every day, what time is the need to consider the details of the issue.


subscription number or service number?

we all know that the service number is powerful, you can customize the menu. But in fact, is suitable for services such as everyone knows the SF, McDonald’s large service enterprises. The majority of SMEs are more suitable for the subscription number. Compared to a month to send a push message, the subscription number can send a message every day, although it will be included in the folder. The little black house is called. But the user experience is better, but there will be more people.

add public account.

the second subscription number is updated frequently, top, you will follow others to be exposed. In addition, we have to count the number of people you look at the complete look at the article you push ah, are the exposure of the graph. So, at this stage from the subscription number to start, to the necessary stage, in turn into service number. WeChat marketing is the key activities, communications and services

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