The way to solve the problem of life search information update

in order to solve the problem of accuracy and timeliness of the information in the city life, life search salon theme discussion, Google, Baidu, love net Site Representatives conducted in-depth exchanges.

life search connection at both ends, one end is the user, one end is a businessman. In theory, any side of the initiative, you can quickly update the information. But obviously, it takes a long process.

life search information is difficult to ensure its accuracy, you need to allow users to directly participate in the use of the power of the masses to bring together some of the knowledge, similar to the way Wikipedia. We are seeking to set up a mechanism to allow users to come here to do some feedback or information." Google life search project director Lin Yukuan said in poly city salon.

wants love to help network means to stimulate users to contribute through entertainment or bonus activities. Love to help network marketing director said: "let the users to contribute information, the information on the website of the rich, this is a long process. Before we have done an experiment, the results of the experiment shows that China’s largest Internet users in the entertainment, we want to do something in these areas."

Baidu strategic cooperation Sun Zefeng

the shared Baidu community experience: "Baidu’s biggest characteristic, not in the web page is not in production, more in the community, the Internet users demand slowly to the community, so that users can get things in it, to share things, to be able to enjoy things."

like Baidu know, Baidu provides a platform for users to interact, I help others to answer questions, my question is also someone to answer. Forming a virtuous circle. Baidu encyclopedia is invited some strategic partners, such as China Merchants Bank, experts from some experts they contributed to the industrial and commercial bank, they will through the analysis of their majors, we put forward some terms, users can also edit them some good entry to go inside the encyclopedia. Encyclopedia is more authoritative content."

in the business, in search of life concept is still in its infancy, businesses have limited knowledge, life search site more hope to carry out strategic cooperation and vertical living sites, using the power line complete information update, the content of cooperation.

Google is an open platform, we do not have any restrictions to do further development or consultation, in terms of user interaction, we are pursuing is to set up a set of mechanisms, allowing users to come here to do some feedback or information, if our partners need to use it, we will try to to help them. We want to do an open platform, so that anyone can profit from here, including users and partners." Lin said. Currently Google has integrated public comment network, SouFun and other vertical web content.

GOOGLE search for life for the strategic positioning of the open platform, Li Xiang said he was very much in favor of a variety of demands and not the same as the life of the website >

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