Web site ranking and included in the Baidu and Google gap exists

as a web site webmaster, often find their web site in Baidu and Google keyword ranking gap, as well as the number of pages included is also different. In general, Google rankings and included pages are much better than Baidu. The reasons for this gap are many, the author cited only a few points:

1 is a key because grab two major search engines are not the same, Google is by word capture, while Baidu is by word grab; on the other hand, the two engine for the ranking algorithms are not the same, also lead to different results appear in the rankings and included page.

2 for Baidu optimization site, Baidu pay more attention to your first impression of the site. For example, the author’s own blog, not long before the site, and the engine has not been included, the results of Google are included several pages. The reason for Google than Baidu less manual intervention, but on the other hand also shows that Baidu for the study website, focusing on Web pages and web content rich original, so that Baidu was given a better Google friendliness, and this one is much simpler.

3 site update speed on the impact of Baidu is very large, the general snapshot of Baidu update speed is updated with the content of your website and change. But when the website for the website to see the PR value is more important than the low threshold google. There are Google update speed is generally stable, but the specific speed can not be determined.

above is just a simple analysis, in fact, there are many factors. Of course, to do the promotion of Chinese or have to do a good job Baidu this, because we also know. Finally, I hope you have a good ranking site.

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