How to turn the enterprise website into marketing platform

now no matter how small businesses will have a website to promote their products and services, this is the inevitable result of the development of the electricity supplier, many enterprises want to get new sales on the Internet, but often very confused, because the enterprise website did not bring substantial sales hit some enterprises confidence.

enterprise website into enterprise marketing platform, on the results of some enterprise website, it is not very easy, at least to achieve the goal of marketing platform, but also a long way to go.

Li Changjia’s own experience, combined with the summary, how to do the enterprise website marketing platform of a truly, method is definitely yes, but we need to test.

1, breaking the pattern of enterprises

We now know that

enterprise website uses a lot of love to do the first picture, the extensive use of flans images, in order to bring a good impression of the target enterprise. In fact, there is no need to be a large number of pictures to the home page, although it is very beautiful, but not practical. Customers to your website is to see the beautiful picture? Is clearly not the customer, the most urgent is to solve the problem in front of you, because you do not need to use exaggerated picture of the effect to the customer to deter, because these pictures can not solve customer problems. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting corporate image, do not need to use a large picture can achieve its purpose. Companies need to break the situation using flans images.

2, site conversion rate depends on the boot

we need to think about is what the customer needs or what the problem is, the general problem is the problem of the industry or the entire industry and the problems to be solved, these problems need a solution, of course, you have to do is provide a solution for these problems, however, when the solution of your product is the best. But this can not be said, need to rely on these problems to solve the problem of guide.

3, clear enterprise service tenet

in good faith as the starting point, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of corporate services. Some enterprise website is afraid of commitment and fear that they can’t do that, but clearly the purpose of business services is necessary, because you can tell the customer service business, does not need to be exaggerated, only need to reflect the enterprise service characteristics can be. Li Changjia believes that a customer to visit the corporate website, the first to solve the immediate problem to find a solution, although the enterprise website seems feasible, but no clear understanding of the enterprise, the purpose of business services can solve the concerns directly with the companies contacted.

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