Online and offline two sets of rules of the game said the traditional importers to rest

[we spent a lot of money in the promotion, and what we promote, the Internet will immediately sell the same product. Because there is no need to pay taxes, but also do not spend promotion costs, their price is cheaper, so long-term development will harm the entire business environment." ]

think, in the sea Amoy, overseas purchasing and other cross-border electricity supplier era of great development, in addition to higher rents, labor costs, what will make the traditional importers feel anxious?

The answer is

online and offline two sets of "game rules" — when to abandon the traditional channels in the cross-border electricity regulatory tax, enjoy preferential accelerated hurricane, the importer still take cities and seize territory at the same time, the traditional online store work, is still wandering in the old world order of business.

an unnamed international luxury China district official said on the "First Financial Daily" reporters, online and offline two sets of rules not only undermines the traditional interests of importers, more serious is it for the future business ecosystem invisible damage.

milk powder purchasing business story

search on Taobao purchasing two words, showing that there are 19 million 320 thousand baby for choice. In addition, the major electricity supplier platforms have opened international channels, such as Tmall international, Jingdong international.

in 2013, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments policy on the export of cross-border retail electricity supplier support, then, through direct mail, bonded imports, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other 7 city started a pilot cross-border e-commerce bonded import business, to meet the consumers on the sea outside of inexpensive commodity demand at the same time, also ushered in the cross-border electricity supplier a period of great development.

as early as before the introduction of national policies to encourage overseas purchasing business opportunities have been a lot of people to capture. Xiao Mu (a pseudonym) is one of these people. As early as 4 years ago, he and his friends in the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom in Taobao shop selling milk powder, he is responsible for maintaining the Taobao store, the United Kingdom is responsible for the delivery of goods shipped. 4 years later, the monthly sales from a few cans into nearly 10000 cans, the British team developed to more than and 50 people.

‘s model is simple, in the Taobao store on the list, he will be sent to the UK customer information in the UK, and then the British partner directly from the UK in the name of personal goods mailed to Chinese customers. Normally, customers receive milk powder in a week or two. In general, there will be no taxes and fees, unless in the customs when the spot checks, the customer needs to pay 10% of the tax.

cans of milk in the United Kingdom love him, the British take the goods to 9.9 pounds, about $100, Xiao wood shop selling $170. If the customs and Excise Department, the customs in accordance with the price of 200 yuan to extract the tax of 10%, that is, the customer can buy a pot of British love him as long as the United States and the United States milk powder to $190 yuan. In the store to buy, at least 250 to $300.

originally intended to accumulate a certain amount of capital, from online to offline, won a brand in China’s agency, but Xiao Mu recently gave up the idea. "Under the line super hemp >

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