The ancient oriental capital Secret micro business income of 1 million

students, you should have seen on the Internet in many places, a girl said micro business how to do a monthly income of millions of posts, I also sent on behalf of the network have seen such a story, I was wondering, is derivative of bovine B people. I do business for so long, you do not have a monthly income of millions. Then with the suddenness of a thunderbolt fast browsing again, the results of this article greatly disappointed. Let’s talk about the cause of disappointment:

1: circle of friends

whether engaged in micro business, or electricity supplier, traffic (that is, consumer customers) is always the most concerned about the point. No consumer groups, no matter how good the product is futile, because there is no consumption can not generate profits. In accordance with the girl’s argument, before engaged in Taobao, so Taobao itself is a lot of precise customer base. It is clear to everyone, many people now reselling the customer transaction data Ali background. Of course, a can do 2 crown Taobao shop, stable customer resources or some (except for the brush list). So when they use the method to import these customers to WeChat or QQ, itself is a stable number of tourists, can produce immediate benefits. In contrast, a micro business novice, especially Po mom, just contact the industry, where to come so good resources. At best a little bit of QQ friends. Up to 100 people, how to clinch a deal. Later even Calais, also need to pay a lot of time to maintain the transformation, so easy to talk about

2: the starting point is not the same as

a lot of partners engaged in micro business, most have not been engaged in this aspect of Taobao electricity supplier. So how to build in the business circle of friends certainly not so good girl, did Taobao, rhythmical: electricity supplier, also operates 2 crown. They are from every little bit, or to attend courses put all sorts of things together and get to. Plainly, this is the operation circle of friends are too lack of experience. For example: some people spread circle of friends in relation to the scraper, some people advocate friends relaxation, the combination of product life. This is the circle of friends now operating differences in the disease.

3: the integration ability of


a 4 month to do the water of the girl, I believe that the next line of resources and contacts are quite wide in. Moreover, a Mercedes Benz car girl, contacts and resources can be poor?. For more people engaged in micro business, mastered a certain skill, a monthly income of tens of thousands can still, especially large team. Plus the various training classes, forced to induce each other under the condition of the stockpile, 4 months can be completely water 1 million 500 thousand. But anyway, after all, many people just play, do not know how to play, no team support, what is the occasion. In accordance with the practice of girls circle of friends, this situation is very suspicious. If it is not added to the other WeChat number really do not know. Behind the team is actually the CBB team, it is easier to explain. Experience + circle of friends + +

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