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1, UPS won the Jingdong: Shentong express licenses behind SF or the impact of

June 26th on micro-blog news, compared the performance of excited Liu Qiangdong, Shen Tong, SF and other traditional courier companies may feel more of a concern, this is not only due to the electricity supplier predators Jingdong officially licensed and multinational companies FedEx and UPS through the international business management qualification examination in 2012.

in addition, by courier behind the license at the Jingdong UPS, a group of business enterprises such as, one store is also actively apply for the express courier license, did not get through the licence application where the customer’s wind up delivery also said is still active in the fight. These enterprises to increase investment in the field of logistics, also means that the original Shen Tong, SF business faces snatch.

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2, Lei Jun hinted millet said billions of dollars monthly earnings will be involved in the mobile commerce

June 26th afternoon, the chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet said today that last month the total sales reached about one billion, over the same period the commercial profit of more than 10%. This means that the monthly earnings of millet has more than one hundred million yuan. In addition, Lei Jun also revealed that millet will be involved in the field of mobile commerce, and at the end of the year will also start the process of internationalization.

millet today announced the completion of a new round of $216 million financing, the company’s overall valuation of $4 billion. At the same time, Lei Jun also revealed some operation data of millet company to the outside world.

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3, Google redesigned map advertising model: point rate can be doubled

Beijing time on June 26th morning news, Google (micro-blog) for the mobile version of the Google map redesigned advertising is expected to increase the rate of 100% points. This new form of advertising will be launched for all users on Friday.

this new ad will be equipped with a larger and easier to click button, you can make a phone call or get a route. Merchant sites can be loaded directly on the map, without having to start the browser page alone. Google has also launched a blue "hyper localization mark" that shows the distance between the user and the nearby merchants.

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4, Japan’s new law can be jailed for illegally downloading the first audio and video

day before the Japanese government passed a law amendment, illegal downloads >

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