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Abstract: the current Chinese O2O market has been Matthew obviously, miss miss the real estate, classified information, missing local services, Ali was abandoned 4 years the reputation of the network, even with Big Ali resources, but there is nothing new in the open platform, and the ruthless O2O market competition environment, if you still can’t find the core the differential operation mode, still follow and follow new Baidu Nuomi, fear of escape from the fate of becoming the next.

the second half of this year, with a large number of O2O companies from layoffs, wages and closures, coupled with the U.S. group and the public comments, Ctrip and where to merge, the pattern China O2O market Matthew effect more obvious, and that new Baidu Nuomi almost to carve up the world, hungry and other small and medium enterprises on the polarization of O2O scene.

in such a harsh winter, Alipay’s reputation network catering O2O days before announced the launch of an open platform, claiming to offline businesses open platform flow, affiliate marketing, payment system and big data operations of the four services, the catering sector BAT sea fishing, Sibelius, grandma then its shares reached intent, the specific amount and the proportion has not been disclosed.

open platform new ideas less than

as everyone knows, Ali on the O2O market long-term obsession, spend 28 billion 300 million yuan stake Suning, the intention to open up digital and home appliances O2O service closed loop, seems to be slightly better than the main competitors in the Jingdong. But in a larger share of the entertainment field, with new reputation network, Baidu Nuomi is on an entirely different level, even have no sense.

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Analysys enfodesk data show that China group purchase market size reached 55 billion 350 million yuan in the third quarter of 2015, growth of 18.9%, an increase of 149.7% compared with the same period last year. Among them, the U.S. group, the public comment and Baidu Nuomi accounted for 47.9%, respectively, and 20.1% of the market share, reputation did not enter the list of 30%.

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, Ctrip where convertible after the merger, Baidu Turisthotellet occupy the market share of nearly 70%, covering all kinds of high low-end Hotel and ticket business, forming a thick competition protective wall, massive impact Ali tourism site.

and Baidu Nuomi in the new control environment China O2O market, reputation subsidies and discount O2O platform selection shelling popular start, find the difference of operation. The reputation of CEO fan Chi believes that subsidies and discounts will not only group purchase platform, the business core demands of real, real O2O platform, to provide value to the business, with the platform and ecological way, help to the next line of business. The reputation of the platform model, is to provide businesses based on the line of eco based, full chain of closed-loop services for businesses and users to provide comprehensive solutions.

but just past the "double eleven", one can clearly see that the price war is still the market competition is eternal topic, simple and crude price is still an indispensable tool for parties to showmanship, not.

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