Daily topic Ali enlarge recruit god horse search incoming Baidu and other giants also sit down

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 29th news yesterday, UC and Ali jointly launched god horse mobile search. For the search, this is a very appropriate name, god horse = what.

Yu Yongfu said, mobile search business UC as has been low-key development within four years, the Alibaba’s "search technical team and business integration as well as the original Baidu last year, a team of technical experts, and received strong support from Alibaba chairman Ma Yun, the future will be with the Alibaba in the product, the level of resources in-depth cooperation. This can be hidden deep enough for four years, it seems that this is the overall situation in the cloth ah!

Ali this bureau can really big cloth

position in the PC Baidu is not shaken. In the mobile terminal, the current global number of users UC browser has exceeded 500 million, the number of monthly coverage of the industry as a whole accounted for 65.9%. The market share of UC plus Ali’s electricity providers and other resources in the area, "what" will be nothing difficult although in the PC search, Taobao! Has shut down a pipeline of the big Baidu traffic, but now what appears, it provides for the Taobao shopping entrance for mobile phone shopping guide is still very impressive!

we all know Ali has been there is a search of the dream, but is not achieved. So this is a chance for Ali to turn over, with the power of UC in the mobile terminal may be able to compete with Baidu


god horse to compete with Baidu


in the PC side, Baidu is undoubtedly the boss of the search market. But if this new battlefield in the mobile terminal, the boss is not clear how this seat. As Yu Yongfu said, with PC’s old thinking to do mobile products, will lose." Yu Yongfu believes that Baidu has made great achievements on the PC, but if you also use PC perspective to develop mobile search, it is difficult to get through. I seem to have time for Baidu and UC also rumored acquisition, but now UC has not been acquired by Baidu instead of cooperation with ALI


in fact, before the launch of UC Shenma search, UC browser search portal has been provided to Baidu. But now that UC has a god horse, believe that should soon change to God horse. Yu Yongfu also said that respect for the advantages of Baidu PC, only mobile. In the UC browser, search business in different periods with different partners, Baidu is still the most important partner.


Ali has to enter the mobile search market, Baidu and other giants will sit? Mobile search market war has triggered at any moment!

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