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Smith Barney decided to stop the e-commerce business. (data picture CFP for map)

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yesterday, Smith Barney announcement said the decision to stop the e-commerce business, the reason is that in the logistics, marketing resources and information system, the investment required is huge, the financial risk is not controllable. Experts warned that: only about 20% of e-commerce companies can be flat or profitable, the fate of its face and the traditional enterprise is not much difference.

yesterday, with "meitesi · Bonwe" and other well-known clothing brands in the domestic apparel enterprises listed in Smith Barney (002269) announced that the decision to stop the e-commerce business, the company was founded at the end of last year the electronic commerce website state purchasing network.

Smith explained in the announcement, the electronic commerce in areas such as logistics, marketing resources and information system and other aspects of the allocation of resources required for investment is enormous, the financial risk is not controllable. At present, such as continuing to engage in e-commerce business, the company’s overall operating results and the interests of shareholders is difficult to protect.

a year less than about 60000000 yuan dashuipiao

industry insiders said, the serious shortage of investment is the biggest cause of Smith Barney crashed out of the electricity supplier. According to the announcement, Smith Barney investment of electronic commerce business mainly for staff salary costs, technology development costs, logistics costs and advertising costs, the project a total of about about 60000000 yuan, has been included in the consolidated statement of Smith barney.

according to Smith Barney 2011 semi annual report shows that the first half of the performance increase of more than 8 times, and for the electricity supplier channel revenue contribution, the company has no specific data sources. In this year, Smith Barney estimates that about 10 billion yuan in sales, e-commerce sales is expected to less than a fraction of contribution.

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stopped e-commerce, but the company said that the business is not involved in the disposal of assets, will not increase the company’s spending. The company will e-commerce platform for the original authorization to the major shareholder of Shanghai costumes Investment Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company and the state purchase of love.

in recent years a number of garment enterprises have the traditional "fashionable" self built e-commerce platform, but because the level of internal control related management, can not keep up, the supply chain management under the banner of the confusion, causes the channel between erosion, but dragged down the performance of the company. So far, there is no success in the traditional industry into e-commerce. Part of the business is the choice of the electricity supplier business outsourcing, or the shop directly on the sustenance of the professional platform. For example, Angelo (002154) founded the independent brand BONO e-commerce sites in the state, neither dead nor alive.

reluctant to spend money difficult to succeed

why these traditional industry giants in the e-commerce cropper?

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