Stationmaster net the source of confidence of stationmaster

I am a small personal webmaster, engaged in construction site for 3 years, in the 3 years of website construction career, deeply personal webmaster strength is not worth mentioning, shameless cheat IDC, black hearted advertising alliance is deceived, the face of the Internet environment nowadays, personal webmaster survival increasingly difficult. But in recent days have also encountered such a sad, desperate thing.

this is my station, China vendor network ( is very hard, have a website heart operation, 1 weeks ago, Baidu is still good, probably more than 290 thousand pages, but yesterday a view, included as to 1060, I like to see the results. A head-on blow, I almost fainted, I spent much effort, how much energy here. In order to avoid being K, I carefully managed, afraid to collect, but also did not dare to turn garbage content, but ruthless Baidu, or

for this behavior of Baidu, I don’t understand their reasons, and the sealing station station closed system in addition to Baidu internal staff, we do not know, we the webmaster, even punished reason do not know.

at this time, is erected stationmaster net struggle give us confidence figure wangdage to feel the effects brought to the sealing station owners and losses, risking the possibility of the punishment by Baidu, the name is K webmaster together let us lead to Baidu’s attention "slogan, determined to organize the tens of thousands of K station with the exchange of experience, K station, and take this opportunity to make a statement of Baidu.

if you have site is K, please rushed, registration, because you join, will make the team more powerful webmaster.


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