Do not rely on GG to do college students raising their wives

is now a senior, his 04 years into the University, from the beginning of contact with the site in the past 04 years, more than three years, I feel like the growth of the school and the teacher and no relationship. Sad ah!

write my own story,

Sichuan, the college entrance examination is unfortunately out of the question, to the thousands of miles of the Jiangxi school, came to the University, Jiangxi looked at the day, think about Sichuan is filled with beauty, my heart is cold, I also know that in Chengdu read the beautiful daughter-in-law is bound to be someone else’s (now it is another woman, ha ha). In front of a blank, until ——

at the end of 2004, soon, once in the cafe on the go, very confused into a independent station site, feel very curious, then immediately apply for the number one hour after I finished setting, I put together to the Internet and my MM (Department of music PL very ha) look, she said: this is pretty good ah, help me do a thing!! I said, give me a week, I have to do a personal homepage. I was chasing the MM at the time, her words are of course an ah. However, at that time in order to soak the woman, was exposed to the station, but began to affect my future.

first back – for the bubble MM, contact site.

a word, determine a person’s fate, I have now often in her ear that she changed my destiny.

listened to the woman and knew it was a chance. As a result, second days immediately run the library, borrow the book of DW, while the computer to delete all the games, so that the son of the turtle to play games. I did not have three days of classes, did not see her, not out of the bedroom, completely stay in front of the computer to the contents of the book, step by step, difficult to learn.

fourth days, a thought is also a good website (now looks like a piece of shit) website was born, watching in the browser brightly coloured pages, feel like as if the child, because this thing is my own creation.

applied for a Tiger wing at the time, to see the beauty, she is also very fond of, but also like the above animation, I asked her no point, she said the point. Ha ha, my happy life began. May the brothers strange, explain, a flash is such a picture, the question is "do my girlfriend?" the following two buttons, one is "good", one is "to die", but if the mouse over the button "to die" it will jump to the "good" there, hey, I put it on the home page, such as the last confession, and there, in the evening, I have cold hands, warm.

was completely also love on a web site, can now be good to learn, to the Internet began visiting the web forum, which asked the. Their own understanding of the Russian network

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