Tuniu how to subvert the traditional industries

lead: duright and Yan Haifeng two after 80, with 8 years to rebuild the dispersion, the most difficult to standard business travel agency. They are one of the pioneers in the field of O2O in China, summed up the 24 experience, there are a lot of lessons.


two after 80, with the power of the Internet, with a period of 8 years to build the most decentralized, most difficult to standardize the travel agency business. They are one of the pioneers in the field of O2O in China, there are a lot of lessons.


| Liu Yan

five or six years ago, in the investment decision-making committee in Gobi, Jiang Tao (Gobi partner) asked a challenging question: if growth is certainly a tuniu, thousands of people or thousands of people in the company. With two kids who have just graduated from school for one or two years, can manage so many people?

Jiang Tao replied, "I don’t know, but I believe they have a chance to grow up."

investors two children called, refers to the way cattle net two "after 80" founder Yu Dunde and Yan Haifeng. Get millions of dollars in A round of financing in Gobi that year, they are 27 years old, a year old of the age of 26. In the company’s internal colleagues affectionately called the "old" and "front".

actually, tuniu again behind the introduction of investment, investors also had the same founder too young to hold concerns, and even investors should not introduce the proposal: a more than and 40 year old veteran occupation managers would be more appropriate for the


has a strong learning ability, execution, which is the two young people to Jiang Tao’s most direct experience. This may be able to quit smoking from the success of the year, Yan Yan year to lose weight 40 pounds in the details of life in general. "Men have to be ruthless, strong willpower." Yan Haifeng a hearty laugh, firmly shouted: my next goal is to lose 20 pounds.

two partners is not simply complementary technology, but also a complementary character. CEO in duright rational cautious, logical thinking ability, COO Yan Haifeng full of passion, full of momentum." This is also the Jiang Tao phase. "He stepped on the gas, I stepped on the brakes". Yu Dunde once described the relationship with Yan Haifeng.

is the two encounter questioned the traditional travel industry layman, travel products online sales. And finally the more than 1 thousand and 400 person company tuniu to the nasdaq. They and the jumei.com CEO Chen Ou in the same week, jump as Chinese listed upstart number of "80". The NYSE Chen Ou bell on the same day, WeChat reply back to Yan Haifeng: "you cheer on the stock price will continue to hold on!"

has experienced eight years of Anti Japanese war in the tourism industry, the "80" in the end how to use the Internet to subvert the traditional way of thinking and the traditional tourism industry, which suffered during the and confusion?

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