Alipay cash charge is not only to consider the cost need to see from the financial perspective

whether it is the Internet products, or the rules of life, we see a change in the rules, you have to go back to the logic behind the study, often contains the intent of the rulemaking:

why is it so;

it wants the audience to complete what kind of action behavior.


The specific range of

first look at this charge rule: Alipay himself or others, the balance of bank card. This is a money outflow from Alipay to the bank, from the appearance of the most basic means to simple to understand, Alipay does not want to put the money back to the bank card from Alipay, but hope to make money in alipay. As for the reason, ma Dad said bank channel fee cost is too high not cover, for the upcoming start listing ant payment service, cost and profit rate will indeed be a consideration, but surosake thinks it is not only a cost control.

station in 2016, today Alipay, absolutely can not only see the third party as Alipay Alipay, more attention should be paid to the ants as the flagship product of Alipay payment service. After all, this is a Financial Services Company, not an electronic payment company.

first announced why Alipay dare to charge? Because fees WeChat paid and not because of this provision to loss of market share, but to promote the ecological WeChat to pay credit card payments, CAITONG other profitable business growth. This gives Alipay a great power, monk felt, I felt not


history is always similar, the charging rules today can not help but start to think Alipay is how to become a national product.

The rise of Alipay

as the third party payment tool, on the one hand is to provide trading guarantee services for Ali electricity supplier, another important aspect is the transfer of this free point to fully solve the user pain points. Before the end of 2015, the bank transfer fee to many users miserable, so Alipay seize the opportunity the opportunity and captured hundreds of millions of users.

in the early 2016, the five state-owned banks to cancel the transfer fee, the bank began to pay back the war against the third party, but there is no egg. Alipay free transfer impression has been popular, I believe that many non users in the financial industry practitioners see this article before, do not know the five lines to cancel fees.

think was ridiculous, originally received high fees banks now canceled fees, and have been accustomed to free Alipay has begun charging. As a user of us, but can not go back.

When Alipay released

9, shirasaki wrote an article called "an article read Alipay 9 revision behind the product logic and strategic layout, the strategic layout of this article on Alipay analysis more clearly, interested can repeatedly read several times. Mentioned such a view: Alipay >

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