28 com and its twin brothers

three home business to join the exhibition sites and more than one hundred from the Hubei project master, set up a gray industrial chain investment. This organization is extremely effective industrial chain why low profile ferocious, it is how to run the country’s Internet advertising field, in addition to the portal, only we really make money." Mr Tung spit a smoke ring, with a strong accent of the northwest accent on the entrepreneur said.

Mr. Dong called "we" refers to the so-called investment exhibition site, will join hundreds of projects, in the form of text links on the web page, then collect advertising fees of the Internet platform. In 6 years, he operated a joint investment website (the name should be required not to disclose) every month for its contribution to the income of 1 million yuan, he let the native of Xi’an farmers realized his dream of getting rich.

and he was just a pawn in a business exhibition industry.

is a real gangster U88 franchise business network, 28 network and 3158 network rich Merchants join these three companies, they almost dominated the exhibition industry investment. "The three companies currently sales are quite large, the water for at least seven or eight million, more than twenty million of the profits." An unnamed former 3158 executives said. Over the past few years, they have been in the portal page, "Reference News", "business" and other print media advertising; in the past one or two years, is signed Wei Fan, Wang Gang, Zhang Tielin, Baoqiang Wang and other stars, generous promotion in the CCTV and local TV stations, the momentum is not less than the melatonin. When the highest, 28 business network advertising costs a year on the 1.2." Another anonymous 28 former executives said.

it used to be a lucrative business. According to industry insiders say, in the 2004 – 2006 heyday, "as long as a year and create a millionaire is very easy, the profit rate to be high high". But now with the industry reshuffle intensifies, as well as the media price to more than 30% annual growth rate, advertising effect is not as good as before, businesses are not willing to dig, the industry profit margin is only about 10%".

this is also a walk in the moral and legal edge of the gray business. In three China Merchants exhibition site home page, with about 600 projects. These projects are Hubei businessmen controlled by 100 to a familiar with each other, a low to several thousand dollars in fees, under the banner of "popular small business make mad", "1000 yuan shop when the boss" brand to attract franchisees. But more than 90% of the project did not go to the government departments for the record, and the project survival rate is not high.

regardless of 28 or U88, 3158, and its behind the project has a direct or indirect interests. In fact, the founders of these companies have long been able to foresee the possible business risks, so they do not accept any reporter interviews, and even the signing ceremony of the star and few news conference. The press has repeatedly called

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