How to make the forum to promote the rapid spread of plague

forum to promote the various industries, the forum will be enough? NO! If simply post it online! There are so many called "professional marketing team" to what they do? I want to say is the premise of forums must, at least it’s for a new beginning. Faced with the need to achieve a variety of purposes, the use of different ways, that is, the corresponding policy. Simply put: relative to the person is not what is suitable for you, there is no doubt that the promotion of the same way!

, a new forum site how to do enough to promote the forum? How to improve popularity?

for new sites, should be done in all aspects of the work to prepare, the following look at you in the operation of the forum community website, as well as those who are less than


Title: prominent or easier to explain the central content of the forum, the greater the click rate. This is particularly in the future with individual peers do LOGO link.

column: according to the number of members to adjust the column, it is easier to gather popularity. New sites have dozens of registered members of the forum, do not blindly increase the column, the column is useless. Visitors to see the columns in the post is very few, people are also very few, cold, less posts and more easy to manage, but also easy to develop.

regular operation: early new forum site is not known at all, mainly to see the moderator. So be sure to update the post every day, even if no one is going to look at every day.

online time period: in the early days of the forum must be very small, so you appropriate to extend the forum online time, it seems to be active.

focus and note: most forum sites are easy to lose focus. Should seize a key to do.

propaganda work: no matter how good the forum, if there is no propaganda is also difficult to improve visibility, so appropriate publicity is necessary.


forum open to a few weeks, members of more than and 10 people, but all good friends registered, too shameful! When you do start a forum to do? How to attract others to register


common is through the exchange of friends chain, exchange advertising, content collaboration, user resources, cooperation, etc.. The industry website is have certain access, their registered user information, valuable content and so on, can carry out cooperation in the use of web resources and partners, to achieve resource sharing, to jointly expand the purpose of income.

forum community website industry more might be it in the computer industry, most of them put some exclusive resources on the web page download address and hide the reply, the real needs of the customer calls will not mind a few minutes to register and download, this form also benefit both sides.

, of course, other industry sites, this is not a little inspiration, a wide range of users to attract & registration. Continue to engage in a number of awards activities, prizes, etc.

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