E commerce sites using spike website promotion

now the Internet, almost a few days there is a new term or popular words, if not a week online, have found themselves a little " out". Since the date of the birth of the blog, the use of the Internet for self hype, self promotion began to become popular. The birth of sister, sister, brother, talented woman, sex diary a large number of online reds, also produced a popular corporate donations to donate one hundred million, the Internet has become a strategic highland, marketing wants to be famous, making the news, then self hype, "shock", "Peng Jun" is a good example.

back on track over the Internet recently, the emergence of a new popular nouns, called "seckill", first explain the so-called "seckill seckill," is the network publishing some low prices of goods, all buyers in a way of selling the same time online panic buying, "seckill" from scratch, from online shopping to be strong but three months. In fact, it is a traditional rush to buy, but to move it to the Internet, it is packaged as spike, fresh enough to grab the eye.

"seckill" what is the use? It can attract many users in a short period of time, because many people are keen on online shopping, the price advantage is a have to say, "seckill" is produced by the people of this psychological, you think about it, if a NOKIA intelligent mobile phone (www.shoujibaomu.cn) the game machine, an apple laptop or a SONY PSP, a one dollar price to participate in "seckill", for the love of people online shopping but attractive enough, and later, as long as a website launched seckill service, after love online shopping will certainly be very long time is paid attention to this website, so that they can develop a large number of loyal users, and that a user will tell his friends, said a e-commerce website has a network of panic buying activities , so as to form a good mouth spread barnyard.

for an e-commerce site, to develop, to grow, a website visibility, a network user loyalty is the most important, a relationship to your business base, a relationship to your conversion rate, therefore, we pay attention to the present e-commerce sales platform to launch the most CPA, such as advertising, I want to fight more exposure, strive for higher visibility, more attractive to the eye.

"seckill", will change the Internet e-commerce market, the small and medium-sized e-commerce website using the network seckill campaign, "the price" to the user, who channels better, whose violent propaganda, who will be the first to beyond.

e-commerce market is not the so-called brand effect, is the difference between the visibility distance, using "seckill", made up by the potential price advantage, expand visibility, Taobao building, C2C will be a little vibration, the Alibaba’s B2B ship on the sea may touch to the wind.

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