How to carry out the tearing force marketing

shopping malls such as the battlefield, in the product homogenization can not be avoided today, open tearing force is undoubtedly to win the brand exposure, the rapid accumulation of popular marketing tools. Throughout recent years, some brands with the friends of the "tear force", some significant effect, make the brand more popular, some can not achieve the desired effect, and the negative impact on the brand, crazy pink out, has become a typical failure of marketing. So, how to carry out the brand tearing force marketing



opponents to fit

March 11th, TOYOTA corolla "card" Qing Yi, "boring" as the theme at the Sylphy, taking the initiative to provoke a war. Sylphy in the circle of friends that night also not resigned to playing second fiddle, "science and technology Sylphy, strength punch" in the title, to the owner of the data of 1 million 500 thousand strong comeback. According to the Automobile Association statistics, March 2016 corolla sales exceeded 30 thousand, an increase of 62.3%, the new Sylphy and actively fight, sales rose as high as 30.3%.

Why at this time to tear open

Carola new Sylphy? — first, Nissan Sylphy and corolla with Japanese Household Car representatives, in the intermediate vehicle market has been the old enemy, the tear forced goal is very easy to get attention; secondly, Carola 2014 and 2016 in the new Sylphy configuration highly similar. In order to win the target consumer choice, their own interpretation of corolla need to more advantages; finally, Carola in February 2016 domestic sales of 16000, an increase of only 4.5%, a few months before the two digit growth slowed, and even less than 7% in January, the sales data is slowing down, the need to attract user attention, so as to realize the promotion.

onlookers tear the event of this brand, it can be seen, companies want to identify their position in the market, according to their strengths and weaknesses, product positioning, audience groups for marketing. Meanwhile, the process should be forced to dig deep interpretation of their own corporate culture and the transfer of ideas, such as happiness, science and technology, trust, etc.. You know, do not fight the battle without preparation, in order to be able to make a good war in a tearing force.

shot in time

at the beginning of June, the most heated discussion in the kitchen electric industry, is between the two well-known brands Vatti party Wo a you come to me to tear forced wars. This is what happened: May 30th -6 month 1 days, FOTILE in the "JINGWAH times" on three consecutive days of guessing anonymous posting advertising, also left "how to read? June 7 day" as the suspense, tempt everyone’s appetite. These three known as the most difficult in the history of the word, respectively, corresponding to FOTILE will be released on the three core selling point of the new models of the 7.


in guess who is behind the advertiser, June 1st, Vatti with date, tobacco, fruit, utensils and other characteristics, decisive attack, in "Yangcheng Evening News" on the three words a solution, and to promote their own magic.

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