The method to know the website promotion and precautions

Since the launch of Baidu

website Baidu products ask that after overnight know this section to take root in the vast land, development and growth, today, even become the standard configuration of many web portal, even a lot of domestic CMS development company are to know the question model as an important module of the content management system and know the user’s popularity shows in general. For this reason, many owners in the process of promoting the same will be aimed at the eyes of this new product, today I put myself through the promotion of the site to know the experience and share.

a clear purpose


know promotion there are two kinds, one is just put it as the source of the chain, the situation is relatively simple, because the purpose is very simple, as long as you can leave the link, and can be included in Baidu is good, therefore, it is best to Baidu know answer questions to answer, focusing on the number of care quality and even if you don’t answer not included in the best answer is not afraid. Of course, there is still a technical link, that is, do not repeat the spontaneous home page of your site, you want to write a specific page. At the same time do not all the problems are pointing to their site, to be interspersed with the recommendation of other people, especially some large sites, such as NetEase, Sohu and so on, so it is not easy to cause suspicion.

another case is also hope to flow from the know, this a bit more complicated, because users generally only see the best answer, so you must register a lot of vest, a different account of question and answer, don’t immediately answer questions after the notice, to at least one day interval will be better. When you ask questions, the tone of the content and the question should be changed.

two, platform selection

Baidu has always been on their own products to give a high weight, Baidu know is no exception, so most of the webmaster are focused on this. I want to remind you, in fact, now know that many websites also account for a large share, one is like search and the end of the world, included the two are very good. The other is based on your own website which also has a lot of vertical portals, like the promotion of beauty products can go to the Pacific women, not only is not easy to be K, and the location of user groups is more clearly than the more targeted to Baidu.

three, specific means

1, the most important thing is to keep account

take Baidu know for example, it is not polite to say, with a high level account, you will be successful in half. Because the post is not easy to doubt, will not be deleted. This account where to go, the money can go to buy a lot of online search, like we have to apply for this poor webmaster, slowly raise. Every day with a different account to Baidu to answer some questions, over time your grades will improve, and then can be used to answer your own questions.

2, pay attention to your ip

a friend asked me why his Baidu account

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