A the nternet is coming BAT Microsoft Lenovo is dangerous and you don’t need to go to work

recently started with Dr. Chen Xiaoliang (founder of acoustic technology, acoustics, speech recognition experts) on the future for more discussion, very much agree with Dr. Chen’s two key judgments about the future trend:


After the 1

mobile Internet AI (artificial intelligence, English Artificial Intelligence) the Internet is coming, but this is a slow process.

2 2~3 years in the field of AI will be a callback (similar to the Internet in 2000).

is used to describe the future is bright, but the road is tortuous. This article is mainly to explore what will happen on the winding road, what will be the end of the road.

AI Internet era

now our lives are everywhere traces of the mobile Internet: today’s headlines, micro-blog, WeChat, the starting point of reading, Jingdong, the United States to take away, drops taxi around the time around us. Mobile phone has become a kind of extension organ, people’s life revolves around the mobile phone.

AI Internet will be further reconstruction of each person’s life model, imagine:

in the morning Echo’s intelligent assistant will wake us up from sleep, and when we are still in bed, it will be based on our preferences to make a group of interesting news. After getting up, intelligent assistant to help scheduled breakfast has been delivered, and because it is a day at home office, so you can eat a leisurely breakfast. After that will bring a AR glasses to start their day’s work, when you need to communicate with colleagues, colleagues will be quickly projected to their side, sharing the same perspective to discuss the issue. After working for a period of time, the assistant will remind you that you need to do some activities, and recommend your lunch according to your daily habits. When you need to go out at night, a driverless car will be based on the previous appointment to the designated location to pick you up. After returning home in the evening, the intelligent assistant tips that you pay attention to the changes in home prices can be started, and then need to bring AR glasses, immersive feel the status of the target house. Telecommuting because of the AI Internet and more and more convenient, so you may consider leaving the high prices of the metropolis, back to his hometown,

AI internet intelligent assistants everywhere, automation everywhere, augmented reality everywhere, which is different from the mobile internet.

had tried to use IoT (all things interconnection) to describe the next era, imagine the following figure:


—By Gartner

but the expression of the Internet does not capture the key points of change

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