Station lover personal webmaster do not understand the mother of Dongfeng Dongfeng

with the Alibaba shortly before the listing, Ali’s article up, but because Baidu algorithm adjusted and Baidu announced its entry into the C2C and Baidu to grab the limelight, but a few days ago, Ma said Ali Ali mother is established in order to repay, and caused the owners in an uproar, it seems like a lot of stationmaster not by Ali the mother returns to earn money, and we talk about it? I have not received much Ali mother red, but because of the emergence of the mom figured out something, find some direction, is the so-called stealing fish grab someone else’s rod, I also received mom returns. (ha ha, although I did not contribute to Ali).

when I have friends and chat will be Ali mother compared to the East, but in the back of the station is Dongfeng East wind, and the goal is not propaganda Ma said to repay the individual owners, but tens of thousands of Taobao network, Ma Yungao Ali’s mother is to let Taobao sellers have more promotional opportunities, mergers and acquisitions Ali when Yahoo China Ma said: "in the United States there is a strange phenomenon, that is the shop on EBAY had a significant portion of the funds are put into the GOOGLE ADSENSE." Why is this happening? That is because the real occupation need to give the promotion channels (after Taobao is currently a lot of amateur sellers just play, the release of goods do not know how they are not familiar with the network publicity, and a small part of the occupation sellers began their effective promotion), certainly do not want to Ma his Taobao users advertising by GOOGLE China accounted for, so Ma acquisition of Yahoo China, want to search for the majority of Taobao sellers will also service the cake up whole, (if it is, then to December 2008, Taobao even announced to free 3 years also can by the seller advertising put the big cake to let Taobao disguised profit). But as far as Yahoo China performance, build China network GOOGLE ADSENSE seems to have a long way to go, (ALI alliance, YAHOO alliance, as did what) individual stationmaster does not buy the 2 union account, because the owners always stare at GOOGLE dollars, so the horse cloud change promotion strategy, Ali mom in the name of the website advertising trading platform for personal Adsense advertising.

station lover in this bold guess Ma about Ali’s mother:

Ma Yun’s original intention is to hope that the seller can buy Taobao Ali mother posted ads to advertise their website

Ma Yun’s strategy is the first propaganda Ali mother in the webmaster, so that you can avoid confrontation with Baidu, GOOGLE, now because of the mom in the outside world or a webmaster mutual buy website advertising trading platform, since both are standing long, then there is no real Baidu and GOOGLE cheese (because the owners are most pauper, free first few webmaster >

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