Google AdSense emergency update

is the webmaster had everyone in the discussion raise a Babel of criticism of Google, to the tax, I immediately landed to see, if a Shanghai structure for company, but I did not immediately unified terms.

funny landing this afternoon, the original "Shanghai search advertising alliance online standard terms" has become a "Google advertising alliance online standard terms".

contrast, the following changes:

login account yesterday and this morning: sign new terms.
key things: and the search sign, 740 yuan to pay tax withholding.

was then picked up later.

this afternoon login account: signed new terms. (change) change
key: structure of search, become Google. 100 dollars to pay no tax withholding.

Google Adsense doing? Does Google understand that it is not a wise choice to have a legal entity in China to deal with the publisher’s dispute?

so what has been agreed with Shanghai to find the publisher of the online standard terms?

we wait.

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