YAHOO’s recent acquisition of Flicker com domain name

Beijing time on June 15th morning news, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO has confirmed the acquisition of domain name. According to the Alexa rankings, Flickr is the world’s most popular site ranked thirty-first, YAHOO acquired Flickr in 2005, but until now it was a successful acquisition of the original Flickr intends to use the domain name. a year ago to open the sale of domain names. Traffic statistics log on to the website to see the site, this year the independent visit amounted to 3 million 600 thousand, of which 95% of the visitors are misspelled and because of incorrect login

found that the domain name WHOIS records changed, the reporter contacted YAHOO, the company spokesman confirmed: domain name has been transferred to the name of YAHOO, but he declined to disclose further details. Earlier today, Name (Domain Wire) reported that the settlement agreement in a lawsuit with YAHOO acquired the domain name. In early 2007, YAHOO reportedly tried to $600 thousand acquisition of the domain name, the domain name owner but was rejected. is still pointing to the past login page, is expected to change in the near future.

Flickr · co-founder Katrina (Caterina Fake); Ficks said: "when we tried to buy domain name, the domain name was the owner of a production called Flicker beer, he is not interested in selling the domain name, but later transferred to the former owner of the domain name. So we can only use the Flickr domain name, when many team members do not like the name, I did not expect later Flickr popular instead." Fei Ke has now left Flickr, joined the emerging enterprise Hunch.

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