Master let the players have won the lost and who

days ago, has been in the teeth of the storm Master has published Mami, is the latest test version of AlphaGo. After the completion of the 59 victory record after Master in the chat channels suddenly claimed that AlphaGo Dr. Huang ", also said" I hope you will enjoy this time around, the Master game".


participants, including Google, Tencent, players enjoy this week. They will people’s eyes, from the CES conference attracted to the body. Google once again precision marketing, so that all the people who serve the harvest of praise and respect. Now Google has proved the success of its operations, the harvest has long been the focus of attention. But now that someone is standing on the podium, who is the one who is going to find out who is going to fail?.

beneficiaries are linked together, events such as a play

Google precision marketing story, "

Master appears to be a precise marketing Google, no matter how the results, Google has been very successful for their own advertising. This time, Google is no longer the man-machine war, or that Google has full confidence, while Google’s personality has always been focusing instead on things make a big news.

long before Master was born, Google executives had visited China, AC and Nie Weiping go master, which has been seen as signal AlphaGo is reappearing, when Master can’t be held back, Google founder Sergey Brin is at home, this series of events in Master was proved to be AlphaGo after all becomes justifies. Google has also received numerous attention and discussion.

occupation player waves, the ups and downs of the


is followed by the player, as the top chess players of their occupation, also managed by Dongfeng AlphaGo made a the protagonist of the event, whether it is the first Chinese kija chess grandmaster Nie Weiping, or, or is obtained by Master and dropped Zhou Junxun. Have a reputation. Of course, a lot of love go friends will say, these people are famous, but those who do not know how to go the most, whether already remember the name


Master and Nie Weiping in the game, almost most channels are broadcast, whether it is micro-blog, the circle of friends, or broadcast platform, B station due to the large number of even caused black watch.

Master is more straight, players can get more attention, the players to defeat the more high-end, can also contrast Master badly, although many onlookers even don’t know how to play go ahead. But the player gains more attention.

Tencent chess occasion to marketing, the climax of the story

is worth mentioning is that the Master is the golden player. "

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