CCTV large telecommunications network fraud cracked by QQ message scam

CCTV financial channel "Global Connection" recently reported that the public security organs in Sichuan Hainan two jointly destroyed a large telecommunications network fraud Gang, the victims, there are hundreds of people in the city, involving nineteen nationwide.

you win this mass of QQ winning information, so that more than and 100 people were deceived, cheated amount is mostly a few million. CCTV revealed fraud in the show.

the victim Hemou police said, cheated a total amount of thirty-seven thousand yuan, five days before the incident a winning message sent to Hemou QQ, click on the link to let him fill out personal information and receive a bonus of 160 thousand yuan, he was prompted to fill in the information website to pay 5 thousand deposit, and in the name of "The Voice of China" the program group said, if no relevant formalities within the stipulated time, will be deemed to have waived bonuses, and submit information to the court for the prosecution.

Hemou did not pay the deposit after receiving the information, the caller said he wanted to sue Hemou, Hemou immediately paid 5 thousand yuan deposit. Then they were asked to pay personal income tax, he has played in the past thirty-two thousand yuan, did not expect the other side and then find all kinds of excuses for what some money, he realized that he suffered a fraud.

this QQ information so that hundreds of victims across nineteen provinces and cities across the country suffered fraud, there are victims even after all of their savings on the hand over to the relatives and friends to borrow money to pay personal income tax.

the police to trace the flow of funds, track down fraud marks, finally cracked and arrested 52 suspects, the main suspects were all arrested, and seized stolen money 1 million 510 thousand yuan, seized freeze the money about 2000000 yuan, the amount of more than 2 thousand yuan fraud gang. The victim has been verified 142 people. Fraud Gang level clear division of labor, gang members through the network, do not meet each other.

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