Chinahr com sleepless night employee protest and executive talks twice

review: January 29th, second were sold before the layoffs began. About 50% employees in Beijing headquarters were cut, and get a (N+3) * monthly salary compensation. At night, more than 200 employees did not get compensation for protest, the company headquarters HNA building 13 layer occupied, the company and the parent company Monster CEO Luo Bingquan sent executives to be trapped in. Beijing police station to the scene to maintain order.

nearly 10 hours of confrontation and negotiation, Monster CEO Purcell · Iannuzzi (Sal· Iannuzzi) the final solution is put forward suggestions in the temporary conference call: conditional offer employees severance payments equivalent to employees. However, the final implementation of the program can be implemented, has yet to be seen in the mysterious acquirer and Monster finalized in 24 hours later.

this is a sleepless night. In 2008 after the acquisition has been low-key silent, finally in two before the sale of a hole was torn. This hole is observed outside decline, by providing some of the details.

Sina full exclusive layoffs by:


protests employees on the 13 floor of the aisle waiting for the emergence of CEO was trapped CEO

yesterday at 7 pm, HNA industrial building 13 floor, headquarters, CEO Luo Bingquan (English ED) in silence for about four hours later, opened the door to his office. Luo Bingquan looked about 40 years old, slightly in his two strapping "escort" down to the 12 floor conference room and staff talks. He filled the corridor staff to let a road in the commotion, period can also hear someone sent a "coward of the Luo, to what bodyguard" slogan.

at 10 o’clock morning, announced the implementation of company before the sale of layoffs. Including sales, technology, human resources and finance, including about more than and 200 people were cut, and get the (N+3) * monthly salary of compensation (maternity compensation for an additional $24 monthly salary), the proportion of layoffs in about 54%. According to the introduction of the staff, the company director, general manager of the level of the management of all the basic. Layoffs announced before, many sales are still calling the customer end of the year.

surprisingly, due to the relatively generous compensation scheme, the staff has been cut to be the envy of the party, more than 200 employees launched a collective protest.

"the person who has been cut off happily with compensation, and what about us?" – more than one employee has expressed such dissatisfaction. At the time of publication of the layoff decision, management did not disclose the information of the acquirer on the basis of the acquisition agreement, nor did it

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