Adsense network broadcast the end of the era of pirated film and television giant profits Baidu mill

1 pirated film and television giant era of the end of the flow has been significantly devalued  

with mid April pornography, net net 2014 action intensified, the mood is insecure by Nora event was re placed in the eye of the public owners groups spread.

on the station pornographic content cleanup become including small station and numerous advertising the most important task in the near future, and in the following Nora Baidu video also announced to stop the video on demand and download services, Nora had parasites in the huge chain of small video piracy site before the scene was also overshadowed.

Before this,

however, pirated television stations past profiteering era already past, who declined to be named to the Tencent owners said, double pressure in genuine video site development and policy risk, in recent years the flow of pirated television stations are becoming "garbage flow", although the traffic in each ad network accounting is still high, but the effect is poor, low conversion rate, advertisers do not want to run.

2.360 rival alliance Baidu millet shares cheetah  

April 28th news, Kingsoft announced today, announced the upcoming cheetah Mobile Corporation has been with Baidu, Kingsoft, millet signed a share subscription agreement, of which the highest Kingsoft subscription $10 million of shares, Baidu will be a maximum of $20 million to subscribe for shares, millet up to $20 million to subscribe for shares.


said in the announcement, Kingsoft cheetah mobile currently accounts for 54.1% of the shares, the Tencent owned by TCH controls more than 10% of the voting rights of the cheetah mobile; and even Baidu and millet with the highest amount ($20 million) of shares, the share ratio will be less than 5%.

3 Ali IPO new problem: overseas Taobao users do not believe that the picture  

news April 28th, online shopping should be to encourage consumers to use the minimum purchase goods online puzzle, but the Alibaba group under the virtual market, but with the West many shopping sites are not the same as the current users are familiar.

Taobao currently has about 7 million sellers, both of them small businesses, but also want to sell goods on the Internet of individual entrepreneurs. The following is the Wall Street journal summed up the experience of shopping in Taobao:

first: don’t rely on the picture

we like wallets. If we buy the wallet and the picture of the wallet and the color of the Chinese do not meet the description, how frustrating. Some senior Taobao buyers said that some sellers do not care about the product associated with photos.

4 Microsoft IE browser found new security vulnerabilities  

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