3 digital domain name trading 099 cn six digit change

renamed China (eName.cn) November 19th hearing, it is reported that there are 3 and 3 in the digital domain recently changed hands.


domain name investor @ South 14 in the sale of the digital domain name 840.com, digital "8" has been the hearts of the people of the people of the world, suitable for financial network platform to build loans to build. Just sold out a 3 figure, in the South yesterday and into a digital domain name 452.com 3. According to the "China WHOIS information, 452.com domain name registration in May 1998.

is also a 3 digital domain of the transaction, the domain name investors @ friends to buy the domain name 099.cn, the transaction price of six digits. "99" is the "long" is a homonym, especially popular in marriage websites.

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