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is hot, let more and more people to join the WeChat marketing, but really do marketing marketing? The premise is to have the people, how to join the online method? A lot, but most of them are empty talk, and the actual operation is very difficult, today I have been used to introduce two strokes Nirvana ensure, a study will be very quick to use.

idea: mass production mobile phone number, and then add to the WeChat friend, batch import of mobile phone number is very obvious advantages, can ensure the effect of geographical objects, according to geographical segment, generate a large number of mobile phone number, so you not only have the micro signal of these customers, even have a mobile phone number. Specific operations are as follows:

1, open your QQ mail list cloud synchronization (very simple, Tulio).

2, according to QQ mail list format, generate a EXCEL, if you need regional customers, then according to your local mobile phone number generation (if you don’t know what is the format, then you can first get a, according to his format change), as follows:


3, in the QQ address book to select import contacts, and then upload EXCEL.


4, the phone side to download QQ synchronization assistant, log on, and then choose to restore to the machine:


5, open WeChat, choose to add contacts – add phone contacts (very simple, slightly)

6, text slightly, see figure


How about

? Is it feeling cool??

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