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purpose: in order to promote the sub station, to encourage users to publish content, thanks to enthusiastic users, in an interesting, novel way. You can refer to the webmaster. Suitable for users to promote the website or other websites.

note: mentioned in the original user ID, are linked to their personal space. (take the initiative to remove, estimated that the editors will remove them)

reported on suspicion of wheat, even to the forest, about eighteen generations of ancestors, God is represented by the textbook to Jose Zeta and evil associates, Jiang Xiaoyin, Luo, DAISY, pection as the representative of the catcher enthusiastic netizen, Lin in the deeds of ghosts start learning discussion, have said, to learn. The music network to the forest, a love of music, love to share the philharmonic. The masses and other mines still diving users have said, must develop and learn the forest ghosts comrades music sharing spirit, life to maintain the recommended music and share rights and obligations of the music, learning his loyalty to the wheat fields and users, pay attention to quality, with net friend experience as the center of the purpose of his occupation, learning Yanyilvji, constantly updated, abide by the honest and upright noble occupation morality, learning hard to find a song, occupation spirit to provide better music and the constant pursuit, loyal guards do a share of music.

Ghosts in the

forest modestly to reporters said: "in fact, this is what I love to do. I hope to have more friends to participate, like Jose Zeta, Jiang Xiaoyin, Luo, DAISY, pection et al study. One day, users want to find good songs, the first time I thought of the wheat, that the more good "according to forest in introduction, the wheat is a music sharing community, this is a discover, recommend, share and exchange for the purpose of democratic vote set Digg mode of music sharing community. Anyone can publish music in the above, with the majority of users to share and exchange.

finally, Lin said he was very grateful to the ghosts, Jose Zeta, Jiang Xiaoyin, DAISY, pection, Luo, eggs etc. enthusiastic users and support of the majority of the masses is not in. The revolution is not yet successful, comrades still need to work hard!

this article stems from wheat field music network

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