Group purchase site of viral marketing in small Bo 42 daughter

domestic group purchase market in Vietnam more profit is scanty, but the prospect of group purchase is still driven by the hero to seize the market, even if the fight the fight at outrance may also sell out well group purchase network marketing is a magic weapon for the size of group purchase network, viral network marketing is the network group purchase super weapon in the war, if you play good and can play a small, 42 Bo daughter role for the entrepreneurial group purchase network should not be missed.

what is the initial information transmission of viral marketing, sponsor information products issued to the target users, and then rely on the target user spontaneous transmission of information, the formation of a baton transfer chain, using quick way to copy a message to thousands and millions of audience, this is the most effective method of network marketing in. You can see that regardless of the size of group purchase net will display "QQ/MSN ", " instant messaging; happy net SNS website" QQ Sina "low blog platform" "email", this is the head of the delegation told the subconscious of the network group purchase to make good use of these platforms is following the viral campaign, gathered in the network group purchase of these small Cui head summary:

application platform

network group purchase email viral marketing, this is all the most direct viral marketing, when a user registered as your site member, then a system can send the station information, after each issue will promptly send the information to the customer mailbox, so as to encourage customer loyalty in this website or repeat transactions, and the network group purchase trick is to allow customers to group purchase information to send email to friends and family to analyze information group purchase to acquire new customers.

group purchase network instant messaging QQ/MSN viral marketing, this is all the most simple method of viral marketing communication, the interaction, when a users see the website group purchase information, she will give the information passed to the copy she thought there was a common desire to buy QQ/MSN when my friend, this can initiate the information communication. Group purchase marketing effective way to expand, to maximize the value of information.


platform: viral marketing network marketing mode is meager popular recently, it is reported that Japanese group purchase network promotion "by micro-blog, which for the promotion of social development China is also a very good platform, Tencent, Sina and other four major portals have launched their own meager platform, the network group purchase landing and will be forwarded to the meager, group purchase information content distribution, topic propagation can tell micro-blog for consumer interest group purchase crowd, so that we can achieve the purpose of marketing is to promote the dissemination of information.

social networking platform viral marketing: marketing is the use of SNS SNS website to realize the information sharing and sharing function, based on the six dimensional theory on the network share, set the minimum number of group purchase group purchase is to encourage users to invite friends, through the network group purchase SNS links, to have enough customers to share information added to the watercress group purchase reprint, happy net, etc., through the spread of viral means to make products group purchase.

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