The first year of the new year how to quickly establish efficient micro blog marketing system

micro-blog is one of the more fiery social media, the rational use of its higher user stickiness to promote their products, the effect is good. But the face of you in the micro-blog is living users, information interaction in the process of feedback will be timely feedback to your copy, that is to say anyone can see others’ grievances, if you worked so hard to write a copy, have attracted numerous spray does not exist, not only the promotion effect may also make the brand image has plummeted. So how to grasp the scale of the marketing process, will be directly related to the success or failure of micro-blog marketing.

micro-blog marketing features


said, the enemy, know yourself. Only we know micro-blog marketing we can focus on the rational allocation of resources, and to capture the key marketing, marketing is a double-edged sword, when you put itself into the public when everything possible for you to want to exist.

(1) content reduction. And the other copy is not the same, micro-blog marketing does not need a long and minute statement a short, micro-blog up to 140 words, can mix and pictures, video, interactive and entertaining color is quite strong. This requires us to create a copy of the need to abandon the traditional writing thinking, as far as possible to capture the next hot keywords, to maximize the user’s attention.

(2) platform wide. Micro-blog as a pan media tool, has realized in the embedded platform, which means that micro-blog spread rapidly, mutual reproduced share has become a trend, so we need as much as possible to grasp the most users reading taste carefully copy content, play as much as possible the characteristics.

how to digest the use of micro-blog marketing

(1) nip in the bud. You may think my first sentence mentions this not some occasion, but as just mentioned, marketing is a double-edged sword, good will bring a great amount of attention, do not good for its own brand is a huge blow. So in micro-blog marketing, we must first analyze and interpret real-time feedback for the daily processing, disharmonious factors and in the process of promotion activities in a timely and effective, to prevent further expansion. We still remember the jiaduobao Qiu Shaoyun event? Although just want to rub a hotspot under direct marketing, did not expect the lawsuit in sales and brand handgrips, were greatly hurt, this is a very clear example.

(2) initiative and attention interaction. To timely interaction and attention should in fact a big weapon as micro-blog in the marketing process, it can not only narrow marketing itself and the attention of the distance, but also alleviate the commercial atmosphere to a large extent, so that users can more naturally accept our promotion content. Haier has been in the marketing process and the interaction of a user, although only a few words will be a small number of people to deepen the impression of the marketing copy.


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