Taobao guest QQ marketing how to build their own fake experts

Taobao traffic mainly has two platforms, one is Baidu search, the two is Tencent platform, Baidu search to do website optimization, QQ marketing is the main space and group. But now Baidu is not love Taobao off site, because Taobao station data acquisition on Itself does not have any quality content, QQ marketing is more suitable for positioning precise marketing. But Taobao customers have to understand their own products to promote, and find out where the potential users, including QQ group is a good choice. For example: to promote weight loss products, you can go to those who lose weight related QQ group, and then consider how to promote weight loss products.


whether QQ group or QQ space, you have to plan a good marketing steps, the use of QQ group or QQ space to attract traffic, you have to do a good job to promote their content. It is best not to be mad in the space or group advertising, causing resentment of friends, such a conversion rate is relatively low. Those high popularity of QQ space, the amount of visits every day, why can attract so many people concerned. This is the main QQ space to do a very professional, such as: around the theme of weight loss, the space to create such a division of weight loss, but it is estimated that the majority of such spaces are pseudo experts. That is to say, QQ marketing has to be wrapped under their own, in order to get more attention and trust.

fans are not interested in the topic or content, it can not attract their attention, through QQ mail can attract fans to attract attention, but the content of the message is the key to success or failure. To weight loss products, for example, to share weight related knowledge, do not put too obvious advertising in the article. Adhere to this for a period of time, so that the impression of unfamiliar friends to deepen your next step to attract them into the group, or add their own QQ number. Tencent now limit the number of friends every day, plus a few friends were locked up, so want to get more friends, it can only attract others to take the initiative to add you.

has a certain number of fans and traffic, how to make these potential customers to buy the product, or any flow are worthless. After a period of user interaction, with the user or the fans to establish the most basic trust, of course, users choose your Taobao site. Not only because of the accumulation of personal connections, but also by giving small gifts, grab red envelopes and other ways to give friends a little good. Before the rebate network is very fire, because indeed to let customers feel the benefits, but now Ali mother also does not support the return of cash rebate network.

many Taobao customers who survive difficult, often forced to fight hard for a few months, but the income is poor. In fact, Taobao customers do not have to put themselves into a Taobao guest, should be positioned as a network marketing staff. No matter what the use of marketing, and ultimately be able to sell the product even if successful, Taobao customers earn less money, it can also help companies sell products.

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