Group purchase website industry turnover only 943 single month hold 2 billion

[introduction] the Spring Festival tickets sold and mobile phone group purchase group purchase rose for 2 months before the weekend and holiday trading "to save the field blank".



technology news (Le Tian) March 27th news, group purchase navigation site 800 newly released "2013 1-2 month China group purchase market statistics report" shows that the first 2 months of this year, the total turnover of the mainstream group purchase website broke through 4 billion 300 million yuan, of which January turnover amounted to 2 billion 320 million yuan, with the 2012 average monthly turnover compared to growth of 30.2%.

due to the influence of spring tide and the Spring Festival holiday, February in the sale of a single group number and purchase passengers from January has declined significantly, but the overall turnover still hold 2 billion yuan mark. In the overall size of the industry to keep rising at the same time, a large number of small and medium-sized group purchase website have shut down or restructuring, the country to maintain normal operation of the remaining group purchase site number 943, and this trend will continue to decay.

experts pointed out that the Spring Festival tickets sold and mobile phone group purchase group purchase rose for 2 months before the weekend and holiday trading blank "saved", the group purchase website in a slight price increase is expected to achieve the scale of profit, the annual turnover is estimated to be above 30 billion.

movie tickets, mobile buy into a growth engine

has always been for the January and February Spring Festival and holiday Exodus factors, group purchase site encountered traffic shortage and turnover fell sharply, but the first 2 months of this year is not short off-season, do not drop a good trend up ".

according to statistics group 800, 1 and February in the sale of a single group number is 365 thousand and 313 thousand, 46 million 608 thousand and 36 million 718 thousand people to buy, buy passengers in January reached a record high in December last year after breaking the transparent ceiling 40 million people monthly turnover of 2 billion 10 million yuan in February, although in January fell 13.4% but still the group purchase industry for 3 consecutive months to more than 2 billion yuan transcripts.


movie ticket group purchase is the highlight of this year a good start in the strong performance of the performance before and after the spring festival. "The west" following the Thai "drop the article" embarrassed after a new box office record, the Spring Festival and Valentine’s day makes all levels of viewing people find their own needs, and together in the consumption of the movie tickets have hot group purchase signs.

according to the group 800 data show that from to February this year to buy movie tickets total turnover of $445 million, the purchase of passengers reached 16 million. These tickets are assumed in the same period of group purchase, will account for 11.9% of the total box office (according to Chinese Film Association statistics, from January to February this year, the national audience over 100 million, sales totaled about 3 billion 750 million yuan). Movie tickets have been used to buy two quarters of the results, to prove that it is still the site to buy the Millennium does not change the magic weapon.


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