From Android to N net wood louse Chen Chong Android

Chen Chong founded the Android vertical portal N multi network although just on the line only in one year and one month, but has received two injections. This is the identity of his founder and founder of Android Android is not unrelated. The preparations for the establishment of two months before the N network, the main work of the day is met with Chen Chong from investors, even Android, it is proposed that Chen Chong alone.


Android left Android community network, Chen Chong used his appeal at once pulled 4 people came to Shanghai. "Really don’t want to go, but the network environment is not suitable for me." He chose the university founded the company with its own sold with the dragon, this is because Chinese is a listed company, backed by a "tree" can learn.

at that time every day to find ways to give a variety of VP report last week’s work, next week’s plan, and other reports after the completion of other people’s things. This industry is too fire, not you." These tedious things let Chen Chong to devote to want wireless Internet business. I do not participate in any activities of the company, all the activities you help me block." Chen Chong began to "coerce" dragon boss. Fortunately, the request to get the approval of the leadership.

In fact, Android

network has not started, Chen Chong has been set to the team three months old Feng network industry’s goal to kill. From the line on April 2009, Chen Chong spent 3 months in the post, the number of replies, while the number of online and other indicators were the top surpassed. He remembered the day even when the college year was vague, July 15th. That day, Chen Chong mood is very cool, also deliberately opened the party to eat a big meal.

in March 2010, when Chen Chong worked hard to create a network of Android when the largest Android vertical community, he eventually chose to leave. During that time the group interior modulation Netdragon, leaving a lot of people. I don’t like to waste a lot of emotional business, there is a business meeting, I would like to participate; but to engage in personnel training, I have to sit there all afternoon, I do not want to. Mobile Internet will be three years time, the inevitable success is to brush down, do not spell a chance." Chen Chong has a sense of urgency.

he felt his sensitivity to the product came from the accumulation. "If I see SNS could not see too many things, but you want me to say what the mobile phone BBS, which used the most famous, it can find the answer. I know what Android needs to do most of the missing, or find some defects and then fill it well, which will suddenly become a user. Because before I did Windows Mobile, also participated in the BBS."

Chen Chong attached to the wireless Internet industry very accidental. He could not find any interest in reading, he finally found the excitement of life". >

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