Ganji Yang Haoyong the future of classified information website

the evening of November 19th, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung guest hosted by DoNews 5g of the vernacular salon, introduced the website in the field of mobile Internet and revealed the latest layout, mobile phone client since September, the number of users to the end of the month will exceed one million.


will bring us into the field of mobile Internet

Yang Haoyong, Ganji received from NOKIA’s investment in January this year, it is also NOKIA will be brought into the real field of mobile internet.


has just released a series on the mobile phone version of before, after five years of operations for the first time relates to the field of mobile Internet, the annual income has been in the tens of millions of levels, it can be said that in the website is a great potential and profitability, today borrow this opportunity to let Yang introduce to us all the situation.

Yang Haoyong: Ganji was founded in March 05, the company now had two rounds of financing round in May last year, one in January of this year, total financing amount is about millions. Our mobile phone client is officially launched in September this year, in June when there has been a beta version, now cover all the mobile phone platform.

we believe that is the client made a qianwanji application, we want to go in this direction of development. Speaking of our characteristics, actually a lot of people looking for a house or to our localization and may, many sites are not the same, for example, to buy things to go to Taobao, but the transfer of unused items or choose But we don’t have enough information.

Our site

grows quickly, in recent years our internal data traffic growth is 6 times, in fact more back to 10 million or more, I think many people will know us, we put these content ported to mobile phone to meet the needs of users.

: how are you doing now?

Yang Haoyong: the income we think is is a natural thing, this thing in the first two years of the classified information is very difficult to profit, if there is no classification to accumulate enough content, users do not want to come back, if the traffic is not big enough to support myself.

classified ads a great characteristic is that each of our categories, the first is associated with life, second is behind the deal, whether it is second-hand goods or pet or each flow contains transaction information, we provide the information, if you can make transactions more convenient, if you can let users get more benefits (such as second-hand hawker an old TV you can only sell tens of dollars, here to sell 300 dollars), that this piece of the profit model will be relatively clear. As long as you let him help users to quickly complete the transaction, or to give him more money, such as recruiting companies he willing to spend some money to fill the job, people are willing to rent one day rent, they are willing to come here.


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