Micro blog channel employees exposed plus V certification insider

"China Red Cross General Manager V", "Jilin municipal government office clerk V, director of V radio"……

A micro-blog

only a short while ago, with the suffix V, would allow the public to believe that this natural "validated identity" true, but Jocie Guo, Gao Yue et al have been exposed, but constantly remind the public a they may be unwilling to accept the reality that micro-blog is made up of V users, not as you think so, on the contrary, some people be the same outside and inside "the V identity may just be a" camouflage".

at present, micro-blog operators to provide certification services, there are some ‘vulnerability’ is being abused." Li Fei (a pseudonym) told the China Youth Daily reporter, from the beginning of 2010, she is responsible for the relevant work in several well-known domestic micro-blog platform.

Jocie Guo who is wearing the "camouflage"? Micro-blog plus V certification services, what are the vulnerabilities? In which there is no trick? Can avoid


a weekend afternoon, Li Fei told the China Youth Daily reporter about the answer in her eyes.

why everyone wants to add V some figure vanity, and some for marketing

point to open Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other large micro-blog platform, media reporter V, well-known actor V, independent director V, chairman of the board V, lawyer V"…… These are known as the V Title Certification account abound. Their fans, often a few thousand, tens of thousands, they speak often hundreds of forwarding, "V" means that the micro-blog operators recognized the authenticity of these accounts, grassroots users of their speeches, naturally favor and trust.

but in Li Fei’s view, the public on these compose the V title to "leave a heart".

although in the major micro-blog platform, individual users to apply for additional V generally have strict requirements. But in reality, to "bypass" or "crack" in the formal way and V way, this is not the only one." Li Fei told reporters, for example, to go inside the staff ‘fast track’ plus V, looking for a relationship ‘entrainment’ plus V, deliberately in the proof of material fraud V, are part of the ‘V users’ may use the way."

Li Fei’s words are not without real evidence.

grassroots users to apply for micro-blog plus V is not passed? It doesn’t matter, find ‘engage in the studio’, professional and fast." "Only 500 yuan, with name, phone, micro-blog links, authentication instructions and identity card number, the day for you to do certification, on the whole."

if you check the official certification rules for the micro-blog platform, will find the individual plus V certification "threshold with" – such as asking you in 13 areas of entertainment, life and sports have a certain visibility, the real need to submit proof of identity and the official seal of the documents, and in strict examination >

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