Why the success of the forum and blog to double its

      (a) to the Weihai side, I had written before "blog" to discuss why and colleagues, mainly through the discussion of the issue, not only to lead to this blog the depth of understanding, more important is to better understand how to do a method and idea things.

      because it seems to me that the world to do a good job of tricks and ideas in fact so much, ever-changing, the law on a few. The ancients said "Gewuzhizhi", Zhang Wuchang often said that the "knife" Kung Fu, I think that in a large extent on the.

      I and colleagues discuss the process, said some of my views, not necessarily right, but I have been thinking, there will be time to sort out and share with you.

      (two) the first question: "why is there no forum for the success of the blog site or its forum is basically a display? Why is it that a successful forum in China doesn’t have a blog or a blog that is far from thriving? "

      in Chinese, the first forum after the blog, there had been some fire forum, such as Tianya, such as mop.com, such as Katie, and since 2003 has a number of well-known blog sites, such as bokee, Blogcn and typical blogbus. In fact, look carefully, we can find that after a fire is not a forum with a blog channel, this blog channel also can take advantage of a fire, but those who do very good blog, but this blog website forum basically is lukewarm, even without the forum or just a customer service forum? This is obviously not accidental. What is the cause of this phenomenon. I want to explain it from a deeper level.

      (three) forum, blog, pre modern, modern, post-modern, democracy, autocracy, these different concepts, in my opinion, are related.

      forum and blog is a question of "modernity". Before the forum as a modern product, display of the forum is post based, not based on the user’s ID, and the individual in the collective under. And the blog, is the first in the Internet represents a complete and independent "people" to "display the blog on the network" – the user’s ID arrangement as the main line, the user published content row under the user’s ID, users even have separate two domain names.

      people on the network is not independent, the forum and the difference between the blog is the most critical point. Similarly, Web1.0 and Web2.0 zone >

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