How to make marketing itself as a source of profit

international brand Pepsi Cola, mondelez (Mondel Z International) and MasterCard (MasterCard), their cognition of marketing from the beginning of a spending role of profit driven role. Traditionally, marketers believe that the cost of the media, advertising and publicity is to enhance brand awareness, brand sales.


effect is still recognized, but marketers under a lot of pressure, they must prove their marketing practices to create profits, and preferably directly from their own enterprise resource acquisition.

this trend has several drivers: marketers must prove their value in the board, the need for companies to strengthen budget awareness, as well as content driven marketing more popular. Now, on the one hand desperately wants to get the consumer brand in the digital platform through traditional advertising, on the other hand, advertising regulation more stringent, companies have to find another channel, so that their content operations play a dual role, not only meet the demand of marketing, but also as a new source of profit.

sales independently created content


Pepsi Cola is the forerunner of this approach. In May of this year, the FMCG giant launched the (Creators League): the company created a 4000 square foot content studio in the interior, recording, screening and editing equipment. The studio allows Pepsi to create more content for its brand, as well as black tape recordings that can be sold to distributors and advertisers to earn revenue. The reason why Pepsi brands use this approach is that it hopes to support their own marketing expenses through the addition of non brand items.

creator alliance done a lot of work, including the United States and the On-Line Company’s advertising company Partner Studio cooperation, Pop around the music, culture, health and welfare of the common creative content, main content creation for AOL and Microsoft media platform distributors. The studio has also cooperated with the video maker The Firm, artist hip-pop T.I., CO produced a feature film. Recently the studio is making a film, the first American female promotion summit held in Washington, the U.S. first lady Michel · Obama, the famous actor Meryl · Streep (Meryl Streep) and Oprah · Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) will attend the summit.

Pepsi global brand development, senior vice president of Kristin Patrick is responsible for the operation of the creator alliance project, and specific work is responsible for the Pepsi marketing department, can independently control the profit obtained from the relevant project. The studio is equipped with 12 full-time employees, package >

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